Thursday, April 30, 2009


I decided that I was capable of painting some of the rooms in the house so Haynes said "Go ahead, start with the conservatory." I now believe this was meant to deter me. The conservatory interior is finished with grooved plywood - it is very rough - and very hard to paint. In four hours I covered maybe 8 square feet. But it looks good - yellow. The top of the gable is also very high so Steve has to be there to hold me on the ladder. After several days I got it done - two coats of yellow to just above the windows, then white above the trim strip. Looks very good. After that I figured anything else would be easy. So I took on the Mud Room, Pantry, Kitchen Closet, Hall Closets, Master Toilet, Steve's Closet, My Closet, Steve's Office and its Closet. Plus the garage but that is for much later. Sam, the painter, is letting me cheat by doing all the edges for me - so all I have to do is roll.