Saturday, September 25, 2004

Aborted Vacation

We were supposed to be on a vacation to England and Prague now but another weather "issue" caused us to cancel the trip. We were sitting at the airport in Raleigh, waiting for our flight to JFK, when a big storm came through. The rain was torrential and we could tell it was very windy outside. Flights started to be delayed but nobody was too concerned. Then we realised that nothing had come in or out for at least 30 minutes. We started to ask what was going on and were told that we should go find a booking agent and try to get our flights rescheduled. On the way we bumped into a guy who was coming down from the control tower. He told us the airport was officially closed. The control tower had been evacuated and a tornado had hit the other terminal and turned over some small aircraft, leaving debris on the runway. It was the remnants of Hurricane Ivan. To cut a long story short, the airline could not get us into London in in the next 24 hours so we decided to cancel our trip altogether.

So we are back at home. We decided to spend some time at the Ocean Club, which has been very relaxing. We also went up to Wilmington for the night and stayed at a very good inn, the Graystone Inn. For dinner we went to one of our favourite restaurants, the Pilot House, right on the river in the downtown historic district.

Despite the cancellation of our trip, we have enjoyed the vacation time and look forward to visiting Europe again in the future.