Sunday, June 2, 2002

June 2002


May has been a very busy and very long month. Steve spent the first
week in
San Jose attending the Apple World Wide Developers Conference. He got
just in time for Lisa's birthday and we went to one of our favourite
for a fried shrimp sandwich to celebrate. Since it was Mother's Day, we
postponed dinner for a couple of days to avoid the crowds. We tried a
restaurant for dinner, the Parson's Table, and were very favourably
impressed. It is situated in an old church, the food was excellent and
owner sang for us. What more could you ask?

Other social events included the Full Moon Beach Party and a Plantation
Picnic. That was a lot of fun, we got to meet more of our new
neighbours and
embarrass ourselves with an indoor golf game. We definitely need more
lessons! We are signing up for a golf membership so when we are ready to
play, they will have to let us on the course. Fortunately, our windows
set a long way back from the fairway.

Memorial Day Holiday was very busy at the sales office but we did
manage to
get a day off together and spent it furniture hunting. Things are slowly
falling into place and we still hope to move in June. We are guessing
around the third week, although our builder is still saying the middle
June. Most of the work on the outside is done except the concrete and
landscaping. On the inside we still need some paint, but most of the
cabinets are in and the trim work is all complete. We have started
all our boxes again in preparation for the move.

Next time we write, it should be from our new home. We can't wait!

Lisa and Steve