Thursday, January 3, 2002

January 2002

Happy New Year!

It seems like a very short time since we were writing our Christmas update and yet now it is 2002 and time for Steve to visit California again. Actually, his visit is a week earlier this month because he is going to attend the Macworld conference in San Francisco. He will also be able to celebrate his Mom’s birthday with her.

The big news this month has been the weather. It turned cold after Christmas and on January 3rd. it snowed. Real snow. We had between 1 and 2 inches but it was cold and the snow stayed around for a day or so. Bertie and Heidi had never seen snow before and were a little unsure of it. They preferred to walk on the icy paths rather than sticking their toes in the snow. Heidi finally figured out that you could eat it. Well, now it is all gone, but Atlanta is still having severe weather. We are hoping that Steve’s travel plans do not get cancelled.

So… Christmas was quiet but fun. Steve had vacation between Christmas and New Year so we had a very relaxing time. We found a Ghirardelli soda fountain about 20 miles away and went and had a banana split. It was even better than the San Francisco one becuaes there was no queue. The soda fountain was one of our favourite stops in San Francisco so we are very excited to have found another one. We also went to see Lord of the Rings. Steve has been re-reading the trilogy whilst travelling and we both really enjoyed the movie.

Now for the house building. Well, it does not seem like a lot of progress has been made. Things came to a halt over Christmas and then the snow did not help. But we do have a foundation, footings and cinder block, and the lot has been graded. On Tuesday the floor trusses will arrive. We are hoping for walls before Steve gets back again. We have put some pictures on the web which show our progress.

I have finally started work. On January 2nd., I signed up with the real estate broker at Brunswick Plantation and am now training to be a salesman. It feels strange (and a little sad) that I no longer have control over my days, but so far the training has been fun. Things are very quiet in the sales office after Christmas so it has been a gently introduction. I will be accompanying the sales manager when he has clients to show around – so far we have had one tour – and he is showing me the ropes around the office, too. I hope to be going solo by the end of hte month. So if anyone has any friends or acquaintances who would like to take a tour, please ask them to contact me. We offer great accomodation and golf packages so that people can stay here for a few days and get to experience the place. The prices are very low and include a few rounds of golf. Combine a few days here with a couple of nights in Charleston and Savannah and you have a great vacation. Anyone who is interested can send me e-mail or call me.

Enough of the sales talk. We would like to wish everyone a safe and prosperous 2002.