Monday, June 2, 2008

Athens, GA

Steve and I took a trip to Athens, GA this weekend. We stopped for lunch at a quaint hotel in Washington, and also visited (briefly) Goodness Grows, a great nursery, in Lexington. Once in Athens, we took a long walk around the campus, searching for the perennial trial gardens. When we finally found them, surrounding by construction and cranes, we also met Allan Armitage, toured the (empty) greenhouse and received a Rudbeckia fulgida from Mr. Armitage. On the way back to the hotel - nurturing the new plant - we stopped for Ben and Jerry's. For dinner we opted for our favourite tapas and had an enjoyable meal at Casa Mia. On Sunday we drove home, stopping at Piccadilly Farms for more plants and at Maison Bleu in Watkinsville for another good meal.