Thursday, November 15, 2001

November 2001

Things that happened in October

Another month has gone by and still construction has not started on our house. Every time it seems that we may be getting close, something happens. We have made progress in the last month, but not enough. The first floor has been decided for quite some time but the second floor changed dramatically last week, which has changed the look of the house. Needless to say, we were pretty happy with the old plan but when the changes were suggested, we made the most of the opportunity to add other features which had not previously been possible, like a two-story entry and “bridge” across the stairs. This week we hope to get a preliminary approval from the Architectural Review Committee and then we can hopefully move forward quickly and start building by the beginning of December. With luck we should still be able to move in at the end of June 2002. We have pictures on the web that are close to the design we hope to have.

Even though not much has happened on the construction front, it has been an extremely busy month for both of us. Steve’s software is getting close to being shipped and he has been putting in some late nights, working on East coast time in the morning and West coast time in the evening. Lisa is still going to Community College for her real estate licensing course which will finish in two weeks. We made some major purchases this month to assist in her new career. First she got an iBook (laptop Macintosh) which Steve loves almost as much as she does. It is an incredible machine for the money. Two little features that Steve noted are the illuminating Apple on the lid and the magnetic catch that locks it shut. Lisa likes it because it looks really cool and is very light and easy to carry.

The second purchase arrived the same week. We are officially a two car family again or should we say car and truck family. The Ford Escape that we ordered finally arrived. Again you can see pictures on the web.

Lisa has been walking three days a week with her friends Tina and Maya and they have been on some long shopping expeditions together as well. Maybe the highlight of the month was the opening of our new department store, Belks. It is only 10 miles away. Lisa, Tina and Maya were there for the ribbon cutting ceremony, listening to the Brunswick High School Band and meeting with Miss Brunswick County. There was a huge celebration and lots of good deals inside too. In fact things were so good that they had to go back the next day to buy more.

In our leisure time, when we are not picking out faucets or fireplaces or light fixtures, we have been to the beach a few times and have done some exploration of the local back roads. One day at the beach we saw several groups of dolphins playing fairly close to the shore and we finally saw a pelican catch a fish, after months of watching them. The weather has been wonderful with blue skies and sunshine every day. It does seem strange to see the grass turning brown for the winter however. We are planning a relaxing Thanksgiving with a long walk on the beach in the morning, followed by dinner at Jasmines, the Brunswick Plantation Restaurant.

We wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.