Friday, May 3, 2002

May 2002


Hot on the heels of the April update, May is coming to you early because
Steve is travelling early this month. He is going to be in San Jose for
whole week to attend the Apple Worldwide Developers' Conference. Lots of
fun, but hard work too so not much time to play.

The house is moving along. They have finished most of the trim work,
and crown moldings, and the kitchen and bar cabinets are in place. The
guys started yesterday and hopefully we will get some paint soon. We
the garage ourselves, a humongous task with ceilings at around 13 feet.
the contractors are all using it as a workshop and it is going to need
painting again!

We went to Maya's first birthday party on Sunday and had a great time
watching her eat cake and unwrap presents. We also went to Sunset Beach
yesterday and walked down to the end of the pier for the first time. It
is a
real fishing pier with lots of equipment and stations for serious
- not us!

Lisa is hoping to close on a couple of lots this month - the paperwork
is in
progress but you never know until the checks arrive! Looks like it is
to be another month at least before we can move in. Steve will be
again early in June so that he can be here when the house is ready.