Tuesday, July 31, 2007

No Mo' Mode

Lisa and I stayed at Savannah Lakes Resort over the weekend. It's just across the border into South Carolina, near the small town of McCormick. The resort is built along the banks of Lake Strom Thurmond, which is known as by its historic name, Clarks Hill Lake, in Georgia. We had dinner at the resort's bar and grill on the outdoor patio with an up-close view of the lake. The food was fine, but we had a slight communication problem when ordering dessert. I chose their special pecan pie and asked if I could "have it a la mode?". The waitress responded that "the kitchen had no mo' mode" in her local Southern accent. I quickly decided to let the matter drop rather than go through an embarrassing explanation of my unfortunate phrasing, which would undoubtedly expose my non-existent knowledge of French, when she pleasantly inquired "Would you like ice cream with that?". So it all worked out well in the end. I enjoyed my dessert and Lisa had a giggle.