Friday, August 19, 2005

Visitors from England

Lisa's friends from England came to stay with us for a few days. Richard and Lisa are old friends from their Oxford days, and Lorraine was Richard's girlfriend. They're married now, with two children: Rebekah, 7, and Matthew, 5. We were glad that they were able to visit us during their big trip to the States. Disneyland may have been the highlight of the trip, but Calabash was no doubt a close second! We had some nice days at the beach, in between thunderstorms. Richard and I played a couple of rounds of golf. I was thoughtful enough to offer Richard some sunblock while we were waiting on the third tee. I guess his hands were still a bit slippery as he teed off — the club flew nearly as far as the ball. The kids really enjoyed minigolf, playing three rounds in as many days. We also saw the alligators and other animals at Alligator Adventure, and sighted dolphins during our cruise on Sea Thunder. It was quite the "family fun" holiday, as they say.